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Tax Real estate law in Montenegro

Property tax law

MINISTRY OF FINANCE, MONTENEGRO LAW ON IMMOVABLE PROPERTY TAX ( consolidate text) Podgorica, March 2015 Law on immovable property tax (consolidate text) General Provisions Article 1 (1) This law governs the basic elements of the immovable property tax. (2) The local self-government unit shall introduce the immovable property tax by means of its regulation. Article 2 Revenues from the immovable property tax belong to the local self-government unit in which territory the... Read More

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Pros vs Cons of Buying Property

Buying property can is always stressful if you are not 100% sure what do you want so before you decide whether to buy (or sell) a property, there are number of factors you should take into account. These have to do with your personal circumstances and willing to spend some of your time (or live) for holiday or a business, or both. Keep in mind that buying or selling a property in a small coastal towns like Budva might have huge advantages and disadvantages and the major... Read More


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