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Pros vs Cons of Buying Property

Buying property can is always stressful if you are not 100% sure what do you want so before you decide whether to buy (or sell) a property, there are number of factors you should take into account. These have to do with your personal circumstances and willing to spend some of your time (or live) for holiday or a business, or both. Keep in mind that buying or selling a property in a small coastal towns like Budva might have huge advantages and disadvantages and the major are:distance to the beach/sea or sea view, which has huge impact on the price.

The best moment to explain what you should look for and help you making proper decision in Mediterranean town is isolation; sea-view and parking slots.

Even if the winter can be mild, there is a strong north wind called "Bura". Russians are complaining on +6 celsius how sharp and cold that wind is because it is coming over the snowy mountains. Summer is too hot, reaching 38 degrees daily. So good isolation and A/C would make your life more enjoyable. On the coast, it is recommended to clean A/C before and after every season. So, good isolation is an option you should think of when buying property. Parking Some 3+ Months, Budva is overcrowded. So having your own parking is a BIG plus. The other solution is to ask for a Monthly ticket on some of the public parkings or garages in "Parking Servis"


Beaches! We will mention only big ones: "Slovenska plaža" is a central one. On the right side there are: "Mogren", "Jaz", "Trsteno" and on the left: "Bečićka plaža", "Kameno","Miločer", "Kraljičina plaža", "Kraljeva plaža", and "Sv Stephan beach". Total of 9 big beautiful beaches with different structure of sand, rock and environment. Budva is located right next to the big beaches.


Jam streets during summmer. No parking.


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